July 2017 Bon’s Mots

By Bonnie Bagley
National Board Representative

A new CEO has been hired.


Bahar Gidwani of New York has accepted the BOD’s offer to become ACBL’s new Chief Executive Officer. The Search Committee introduced Bahar to the BOD at a special meeting, where those present and those attending the meeting electronically voted unanimously to ratify the Search Committee’s recommendation. Bahar has tremendous experience, credentials, and education, which he will put to good use to improve our organization. We all look forward to working with Bahar and getting to know him. For more information go to: www.acbl.org/gidwani-accepts-position-as-acbls-top-executive/

D17 Players Representing the USA

Jerry Ranney, our D17 President, has been acknowledging D17 players who are at the top of the masterpoint list at D17 Regionals. I do not want to steal his thunder, so he will report on the May Denver Regional. Instead I will highlight our D17 players who will represent us at the 2017 World Bridge Federation Championships; but first some explanation.
The United States Bridge Federation (USBF) selects the United States teams which compete in International Competition. The USBF holds the United States Bridge Championships (USBFCs) for Open, Women, Senior, and Junior teams, and provides training and support for these teams. The USBF was originally formed by ACBL and the American Bridge Association (ABA). It receives funding from the ACBL International Fund, the ACBL Junior Fund, membership dues, contributions, and entry fees for the USBFCs. The Open, Women’s, and Senior Trials were held in Schaumburg, Illinois - the Open April 28-May 11, the Women’s May 4-10, and the Senior May17-25. Two teams (USA1 and USA2) are selected to represent the USA in each category. The Open Teams compete in the Bermuda Bowl, the Seniors for the d’Orsi Seniors Trophy, and the Women for the Venice Cup. These events will be held at the 43rd World Bridge Championships in Lyon, France, August 12-26.
District 17 is lucky to have a plethora of top players who compete in these top events. Playing against these champions at our regionals helps strengthen our own bridge game. And the D17 winners are:
Bobby Levin, Henderson, Nevada is on the Open USA1 (Nick Nickell) team. Bobby is the youngest player ever to win the Bermuda Bowl, in 1981 when he was 23. His partner, Steve Weinstein, Andes, New York, has among his claims to fame that he is the youngest player ever to win an NABC event (the Life Master Pairs in 1981 when he was 17).
Brad Moss, Denver, Colorado is on the Open USA2 (Marty Fleisher) team. Brad was named the ACBL King of Bridge at the age of 18. Two years later, he became the youngest player ever to win the New York Player of the Year title. Brad’s partner, Joe Grue, currently lives in New York, but previously lived in Las Vegas where his proud parents, Tom and Sue Grue, still live.
Marc Jacobus, Las Vegas, is on the Senior USA1 (Eddie Wold) team. Marc is a faithful D17 Regional attendee; D17 master points are his favorite. Marc has won seven North American Bridge Championship Events.
Sheri Winestock, Las Vegas is on the Women’s USA2 (Bronia Jenkins) team. Bronia is Sheri’s partner. Sheri and husband Fred Gitelman founded Bridge Base Inc. Sheri and Fred are very supportive of bridge, especially D17 GNTs. They have won the D17 GNT Championship Flight six times.
Best of luck to these players. D17 is proud of your accomplishments and contributions to bridge.

The Juniors USBF Championships will be held in Atlanta, Georgia December 27-31, where at least one team will be selected in each of four categories: 1. Open Under 16 (born in 2003 or later), 2. Open Under 21 (born 1998 or later), 3. Open Under 26 (born 1993 or later), and 4. Women Under 26 (born 1993 or later). The selected teams will represent the USA at the World Youth Teams Bridge Championships in China, near Shanghai, August 8-18, 2018. D17 has some very fine Junior players who certainly could be on one of these teams. I will keep you posted.
D17 NLM Regional
D17’s second Non-Life Master (NLM) Regional, the Strike Gold NLM Regional, is being held in conjunction with the Northern Colorado Summer Sectional in Loveland, Colorado, August 18-20. All Non-Life Masters panning for gold should plan to attend.

I look forward to seeing you at the Las Vegas Regional June 19-25, and/or the Toronto Summer NABC July 20-30. Do not hesitate to contact me by email at bonnie@bonniebagleyd17.com or phone 719 593-0205.