July 2012 Bon’s Mots

Denver has done it again!

The May 2012 Denver Regional’s table count was 2195, an increase of 42 over 2011’s 2153, and only 17 tables less than Denver’s record of 2212 tables set in 2008. If the 130 D17 Grand National Teams (GNT) Finals tables are included, the table count rises to 2325 ... a new record for The Rocky Mountain Regional. The annual Denver tournament has a winning combination of great volunteers, great location, great hotel and great time of year. The Denver Unit’s members work diligently to ensure the continued success of their tournament, as do all of the D17 units which host regionals.

GNT District Finals

The D17 GNT District Finals, as mentioned above, were held during the May Denver Regional. Participation in all flights increased; the total numbers of teams this year was 39 compared with 24 last year. The Open Flight increased from two teams in 2011 to four teams in 2012, Flight A increased from five teams to six teams, Flight B increased from 15 teams to 19 teams and Flight C increased from two teams to 10 teams. Why the increase? One reason is the concentrated efforts of Darryl Helton, D17 GNT Coordinator, who encouraged clubs to hold qualifying games and solicited the support of D17 board members to promote participation in the GNT Finals. John Grossmann, Colorado at Large Representative, took Darryl’s urging to heart. He was determined to increase Flight C participation from Colorado Springs Unit 360. John did not have far to go, as no Unit 360 C teams entered the 2011 D17 Finals. But John is one to do everything he tackles to the best of his abilities. He attempted to contact every eligible Unit 360 C player, arranged partners and teams, and even hosted a lunch for the teams which agreed to go to Denver. His success? Four Unit 360 C teams entered the D17 GNT Finals, three of the four made it to the semi-finals and two were in the finals.

Thanks John!

And the Winners are:

Open Flight, all from Las Vegas Unit 373: Tom Grue, Joe Grue, Sheri Winestock, Fred Gitelman and Josh Donn. Flight A, all from Northern Colorado Unit 363: Neil Petrie, Jon Gustafson, Robert Sherman, Larry Matheny, Marwin Smith and Cynthia Smith. Flight B, a conglomerate from Boulder Unit 359, Denver Unit 361, and Phoenix Unit 354: Scott Needham, Carol Ward, Joanna Chau and Audrius Mizeikis. Flight C, all from Colorado Springs Unit 360: Jan Dwyer, Kay Malowney, Lee Kulbitski and Gary Kulbitski (see photos this page).

Congratulations to all of you, best wishes and good luck at the National GNT Finals, which will be at the Philadelphia NABC starting Wednesday, July 14.

Year 2013 – Another Chance!

It’s not too early to think about participation in the 2013 District17 GNT. Form your teams and get qualified. Next year the District Finals will be held during the Las Vegas Regional starting Friday, June 21. The 2013 National Finals will be in late July at the Atlanta Summer NABC .

Remember, D17 subsidizes each team $1,600. Also, the GNT/NAP/Special Events Task Force, in conjunction with the GNT/NAP Coordinators’ Forum, is seriously looking into ways to strengthen the GNTs. Both groups will meet again in Philadelphia this month to consider motions to present to the National Board at the Fall San Francisco meetings.

District Election Time

The District 17 representatives to the Board of Governors (BoG) were up for reelection this year. Frank Queen, Denver, Colorado, and Dan Williams, Henderson, Nevada, were reelected and Linda Gordon, Sedona, Arizona, was elected to replace George Hanzas, of Rocky Ford, Colorado, who did not run for reelection. Thank you, George, for your term on the board, and thank you, Frank and Dan, for your continued service.

The BoG normally meets the first Sunday morning at every NABC. They review the actions taken by the Board of Directors during the ACBL board meetings just held. These representatives are total volunteers ... there is no compensation to BoG members, other than a continental breakfast during their meeting.

I thank all of you.

Coming Up

It was wonderful being with you at the Las Vegas Regional, and I look forward to seeing everyone in Phoenix for the next D17 Regional, October 8-14. In between enjoy the annual Great Western Summer Fun STAC, August 20-26, at your local clubs. As always, please contact me at: 7285 Ross Drive, Colorado Springs CO 80920 or 719 593-0205 or bonnie@bonniebagleyd17.com