July 2011 Bon’s Mots

By Bonnie Bagley
National Board Representative

Tournament table counts continue to rise in District 17. The Denver Regional in May was again a very successful tournament with 2153 tables plus another 76 tables for the D17 Grand National Teams (GNT) finals for a total of 2229 compared with 2171 tables in 2010, which was a near record year.

I hope you all attended the just finished Las Vegas Regional; we want to continue the rising table counts.

Grand National Teams

While the Denver regional was a rousing success, participation in the D17 GNT finals was disappointing, especially since the number of qualifying games was well above the previous years. Two teams competed in the open flight - the winners (shown here): Steven & Kitty Cooper, Varis Carey from Fort Collins, David Caprera from Denver, Markland Jones from Phoenix and Ken Barbour from Scottsdale. Flight A was slightly better with five teams competing - the winners being Spencer Jones, Peggy Ware, Jon Brandon, Dom Di Felice, Garth Yettick from Denver and Harley Bress from Golden, Colorado.

Flight B, as usual, had the most participation with 15 teams. The winners were Joe Jenkins, John Dukellis, Richard Bonner from Colorado Springs and Daryl Dietrich from Woodland Park, Colo. Again only two teams entered the Flight C final, the winners were Alan Kosansky, Daniel Ziskin, Irene (June) Bock from Boulder and William Dorin from Fort Collins. These four teams will represent us at the Toronto Summer NABC, competing against the winning teams from the other 24 ACBL districts. Because travel to Canada is very expensive, the District 17 Board of Directors voted to increase the stipend for each winning team from $1600 to $2000. Congratulations to all of our winners!

GNT Participation and Support

Why was our GNT participation down? Part of the reason is that players who could not go to Toronto, even if they won, decided to enjoy the regional events instead. Is it possible that the lack of financial support from ACBL for this event contributed to a lack of enthusiasm? Currently ACBL contributes nothing to this event, which is a grass roots event for all ACBL players. However, the North American Pairs district winners receive a stipend from ACBL, plus all entry fees are waived for the NABC final NAP events.

As I noted in my May column, if we can support international play with hundreds of thousands of dollars from the ACBL General Fund for less then 1/3 of one percent of our membership, we certainly can, at the very least, waive the entry fees for the NABC final GNT events, which is open to participation to any member of ACBL. I urge everyone to go to “Opinion: WBF” on my website www.BonnieBagleyD17.com for much more information about the International Fund monies.

I would appreciate hearing your comments.

Upcoming D17 NABCs

District 17 hosts three future NABCs in the next three years. The 2013 Fall NABC is in Phoenix, the 2014 Summer NABC is in Las Vegas and the 2015 Fall NABC is in Denver. What an opportunity for our D17 players to attend a national nearby!

Meanwhile, the D17 board voted to approve holding NABC fund raising games – two in October: Oct. 3-9 in Las Vegas, and Oct. 24-30 in Phoenix. During the three years prior to an NABC, one week of special fund raising games may be held with masterpoint awards based on sectional Open Pairs rating. Lesley Davis, one of our D17 board representatives from Phoenix, agreed to coordinate these games. The district’s club owners will be sent information. Please participate: these funds will go toward hospitality at the upcoming NABCs coming to D17.

Goodwill & Charity Committees

Congratulations to the six people appointed to the D17 Goodwill Committee (see the article by Lesley Davis, D17 Goodwill CoChairman). I have the honor and responsibility of naming three D17 players to the ACBL Aileen Osofsky Goodwill Committee and the ACBL Charity Committee. Your help is needed; please send me possible candidates to consider for these two recognition committees.

The Goodwill Committee nominees are those who show enthusiastic support for Goodwill at your local bridge club and at tournaments and put into practice the Goodwill motto – “It’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice.” The Charity Committee nominees are those who participate in and promote charity games at the club and unit levels. I look forward to receiving your nominations for both the ACBL Goodwill and Charity Committees.


I look forward to hearing your opinion on the International Fund/WBF issue. Actually, I look forward to hearing from you about anything that concerns you . . . it concerns me also. I most fervently look forward to seeing you at the Colorado Springs Pikes Peak Regional, August 15-21. Contact me at 7285 Ross Drive, Colorado Springs CO 80920 or 719 593-0205, or e-mail bonnie@bonniebagleyd17.com