January 2015 Bon’s Mots

By Bonnie Bagley
National Board Representative

Welcome 2015! My wish for all of you is a Happy, Healthy New Year filled with family, friends and an abundance of great bridge.


The ACBL Board completed the third board meeting of the year, during which league elections are held. Suzi Subeck, D13 (Chicago, Wisconsin and upper Michigan) was elected 2015 ACBL President. Georgia Heth, D8 (St. Louis, Northern Indiana, Central and Southern Illinois & Paducah) was reelected to a three year term as a Zone 2 (that’s us) representative to the World Bridge Federation (WBF). Howard Weinstein, United States Bridge Federation (USBF) President, was also elected to represent Zone 2 for three years as well. The other three WBF representatives are Paul Janicki, D2 (Ontario, Manitoba, Bermuda), Merlin Vilhauer, D20 (Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Nevada & Hawaii) and Alvin Levy, D24 (New York City and Long Island). Dennis Carman, D12 (most of Michigan, Northwestern Ohio), Jane Champion and Carol Mahoney were elected to three year terms as trustees of the ACBL Educational Foundation. Dan Morse, D16 (most of Texas and Mexico) was elected to a four year term as an ACBL 401K Trustee. Yours truly was re-elected to a four year term as a trustee of the ACBL Charity Foundation.
We welcome back Roger Smith as the D21 (Northern California and part of Northern Nevada) Representative to the ACBL Board of Directors (BOD). Roger is a former BOD member and was the 2005 ACBL President.
Congratulations to Robb Gordon, elected as D17 First Alternate to the BOD and John Grossmann, elected as D17 Second Alternate.


Mike Carmen, Saint Louis, Missouri, was appointed by President Phyllis Harlan as the 2014 Nadine Wood Volunteer of the Year.
James Flesher, Salt Lake City, Utah, was selected as 2015 Aileen Osofsky Goodwill Member of the Year.
Eddie Kantar, Santa Monica, California, was named 2015 Honorary Member of the Year.
Board Meeting Highlights
Motions passed:
1. All motions for revisions in masterpoint awards and formulas passed the second reading.
2. The USBF shall receive $50,000 per year and the Canadian Bridge Federation (CBF) shall receive $25,000 per year to support international junior and youth participation.
3. A regional tournament may now be seven days, which means two session gold point events may be held the first day of the tournament. The first session of all two session gold point events must be run for the benefit of the ACBL Charity Foundation, the Grass Roots Fund, the ACBL Educational Foundation, the ACBL Junior Fund, the International Fund or the Canadian equivalent of these. The second session may benefit any of the above or a local charity. The minimum monetary contributions for the above listed fund, foundation or charity games is $7.00 per table per session.
4. On all printed lifetime masterpoint lists used after December 31, 2014, online masterpoints will be included next to the total.
5. To ensure that ACBL is on the correct path with regards to upgrading the existing ACBLScore and other technology projects. Robert Hartman has established a Technology Management Committee, which will review and recommend the general direction, changes and/or improvements of ACBL’s technology efforts. This committee will be facilitated by Robert and will consist of up to three BOD members appointed by the ACBL President, ACBL staff members appointed by the CEO and outside experts appointed by the CEO. This committee starts working December, 2014.
To ACBL staff and management for duty above and beyond the call, efficiently conducting business with the high standards of competency our members expect, after the flood damaged ACBL headquarters. Reconstruction is still being done and steps are being taken to minimize risk of water damage in the future – all battery and surge protectors being mounted 24+ feet off the floor, no files or warehouse items allowed on the floor, conducting a site survey and professional property flooding assessment.
To 2014 ACBL President Phyllis Harlan, who exhibited grace under pressure while “reigning” over what can only be described as a difficult year. She also went above and beyond visiting as many districts as possible and was instantly beloved by all who met her.
To Karin Kelsey, who is leaving the D17 Board after serving as the Albuquerque representative for twelve years; and to Ralph Liguori, who also is leaving the D17 Board after serving as the El Paso representative for seven years.
Thank you all – with much love and appreciation.

Contact Me

Please do not hesitate to contact me at 719 593-0205 or email to bonnie@bonniebagleyd17.com
See you at the Albuquerque Regional, back in its usual place on the calendar, January 19-25.