September 2016 Bon’s Mots

By Bonnie Bagley
National Board Representative

Another successful Washington, D.C. national has come and gone. Those of you who attended had a fantastic time – that would be 5307 players who earned 104,187 masterpoints. The list of D17 masterpoint winners at the Washington NABC may be found on my website,
Before the fun began, there were Board of Directors’ (BOD) meetings. Joann Glasson was welcomed; Joann was District 4’s (Central New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, & Southern New Jersey) First Alternate, and became D4’s District Director upon the resignation after the March BOD meeting of Craig Robinson. Craig and his wife, Elaine, moved to North Carolina. Carlos Munoz, District 3’s First Alternate (Eastern New York (not NYC) and Northern New Jersey) was also welcomed; Carlos, who audited the meetings, became D3’s District Director after the resignation of Glenda Calkins, for health reasons, at the end  of the Washington NABC. We bid a fond farewell to Peter Rank, ACBL League Counsel for 14 years, who retired July 31. Linda J. Dunn has been hired as ACBL In-House Counsel. Linda is an attorney with a career that encompasses large firms and in-house legal practices, business planning, financial analysis, and business management. She has an A.B. in Psychology and Social Relations from Harvard University and a JD/MBA from Harvard Business and Law Schools. Linda recently earned a Masters in Law from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago. As In-House Counsel Linda will be part of the ACBL executive team, and the Recorder’s office will report to her.
Management Report

ACBL CEO Robert Hartman presented the Management Report: through the end of June membership continues to rise, with a 986 member increase from a year ago to 168,742 members. Although tournament table count is trending lower, face-to-face club table count is up slightly. Technology improvement continues to be a driving force: ACBLscore 8.1 was released to fix bugs in the monthly financial process, Microsoft Office 365 has been rolled out to employees, new laptops were purchased for all full-time tournament directors, and Amazon Web Service Cloud is being used for development and production applications. Yet to be determined is what systems will be in the cloud and which will be operated out of Horn Lake.
Although revenue through May was $110,156 below budget, that was offset by $327,171 lower than expected operating and general & administrative expenses.
ACBL has signed a four year agreement with Bridge Base Online which is expected to increase revenue by $500,000 annually, or $2,000,000 total over the term of the contract.
Board Motions
Some of the motions passed:
• A notrump opening or overcall is natural if, by agreement, it contains no void, at most one singleton (which must be the ace, king, or queen) and no more than two doubletons. If the hand contains a singleton it may have no doubleton.
• Sanction fees are no longer waived for any game that a club uses to recruit new members, and for which it charges no entry fee.
• The masterpoint limits of the Bruce 5000 LM Pairs and the 0-5000 Spingold Knockout Teams were raised to 6000, and they were appropriately renamed. The masterpoint limits of the Young 1500 Pairs and the 0-1500 Mini-Spingold were raised to 2500, and they were appropriately renamed.
• A $5.00 Junior membership will be available to all players under the age of 26; in lieu of a hardcopy monthly Bulletin, Junior members will have access to the Bulletin online via MyACBL.
• A comprehensive explanation of Recorder Regulations and Procedure was added to the ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations as Appendix C.
• The Summer 2021 NABC will be held at the Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island July 15-25, 2021.
• Active members of the American Bridge Association are exempt from the mandatory additional fee per person per session for non-members and non-service paying LMs until January 1, 2018, at sectionals and regionals.
The BOD held working sessions with discussions on Finance, International, Strategic, Technology, and Board Composition, which proved to be very helpful in determining the progress of our strategic plan, which can be found at
Board Minutes: For the complete management report and all the motions passed and failed go to my website: and click on Minutes, then click on Washington Minutes.
Contact Me

As always, do not hesitate to contact me at or 719 593-0205. See you at the Pikes Peak Regional in Colorado Springs, Colorado, October 10-15.