September 2011 Bon’s Mots

By Bonnie Bagley
National Board Representative

This month’s change of pace column is about people - bridge people, past, present, and future. I will inform you about the Toronto NABC board meetings in a later column.

Past - Peter Pender

Although Peter Pender, San Francisco, was not a D17 player, he was a Western Conference member and dear friend of many of our D17 members. Peter was brought to my attention by Bobby Wolff and Judy Kay-Wolff. He was a multi-faceted, brilliant man who became Life Master #1795 at the age of 22. He won the 1966 McKenney trophy (now the Barry Crane Top 500) and tallied 13 NABC wins: five in the Reisinger Board-a-Match Teams (1968, 1970, 1981, 1985, and 1986); two in the Life Master Men’s Pairs (1967 and 1984); four in the Grand National Teams (1982, 1983, 1985, and 1987); and two in the Vanderbilt Knockout Teams (1984 and 1987). He was a member of the victorious U.S. squad in the 1985 NEC Bermuda Bowl in São Paulo, Brazil, and second in the 1989 Bermuda Bowl in Perth, Australia.

Peter died in 1990 at the too young age of 54. He left the ACBL a substantial bequest for vugraphs at NABCs, to be known as the PenderGraph; these continued for several years but nothing was done with the fund after 1998. Thanks to the diligence of the Wolffs, and with the help of CEO Jay Baum, a motion was passed at the ACBL board meeting in Toronto that the vugraph room at future NABCs be named and advertised as the “Peter Pender Memorial Vugraph Theatre.” A request was submitted to the Education Foundation (and approved) for the remaining monies from Peter’s bequest to be used to purchase two large screen monitors that can be rolled into high traffic areas at NABCs for players to watch vugraph in a more relaxed atmosphere. Both of the rolling monitor cases will have brass plates attached that read “Provided by a bequest from Hall of Fame member Peter Pender.” These were very well received in Toronto.

For more information about this fascinating man go to and do a search for Peter Pender.

Present - Clement Jackson

Clem is an unassuming, “under the radar” bridge player who is D17’s newest Grand Life Master. Clem, originally from Michigan, grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and now lives in Albuquerque. He started playing bridge in college in 1965 and, like most of us, became hooked. Clem retired several years ago after being a software developer and remains part owner of a software company. His national win was the Senior Knockout Teams at the 2003 New Orleans Fall NABC, with teammates Dennis Dawson, Bobby Wolff, Dan Morse, John Mohan, and John Sutherlin.

Clem went over the required 10,000 points at the 2011 May Denver Regional playing Knockouts with teammates Venkatrao Koneru, Geoff Hampson, Susan Key, and Chris Compton (yes, my team and I helped him). He considers himself to have the good fortune to play with many good partners, and I believe his partners have the good fortune to play with him. Congratulations Clem!

Future - Burke Snowden

If Burke Snowden is an example of the future of bridge, then our future is bright indeed. Burke first started playing party bridge at six years old with his parents and grandmother. He followed his father to duplicate when he was nine years old and at the age of 11 became a certified club director. He directs the 199er game in Fort Collins and, when needed, substitutes directing the open game.

Burke became a Life Master this May at the age of 13, and in July became a certified Tournament Assistant. He’ll be will be working at the Cheyenne Paintbrush Sectional, September 16-19.

Burke has attended all four of the Youth NABCs, the first took place in July, 2008 in conjunction with the Fourth of July Sectional in Atlanta. At the second Youth NABC, during the 2009 Summer Washington, D.C. NABC, Burke met Ben Kristensen, from Duluth, Minnesota, as teammates on the National Youth Swiss Teams - afterward forming a partnership. They played together at the third Youth NABC at the 2010 New Orleans Summer NABC. Ben and Burke got it all together in Toronto as they won the regional Gold Rush Pairs tuning up for the Youth NABC.

Burke made it to the finals of the Wernher Open Pairs playing with Carl Jones, Chicago, whom he met at the partnership desk. Burke and Ben were now ready to take on the youth ... and did they ever. They won the Baron Barclay National Youth Open Pairs, which provides a $1000 scholarship for each of them. then on Sunday, with Hakan Berk, Potomac, Maryland and David Soukup, Arlington, Virginia, the boys won the Youth Aileen Osofsky National Swiss Teams.

All-in-all Burke won 26.23 masterpoints in the Youth Events, plus 29.61 in NABC and regional events for a total of 55.84 masterpoints, making him number 16 on the D17 masterpoint list for the Toronto NABC (go to my website for the complete listing). Well done and congratulations Burke. We are proud of you.

Future - Robert Hartman


The ACBL Board of Directors approved the selection of the CEO Search Committee - Robert Hartman of Oakland, California. This is a bad news/good news scenario. We will have to say farewell to Jay Baum, who has served us so ably for ten years, and welcome in Robert Hartman. Jay will be sorely missed (perhaps we will see more of him at the bridge table), but we look forward to working with Robert, who will take over in November.

Current - Craig Robinson


ACBL President Craig Robinson started the West-of-the-Mississippi portion of his “100 Clubs in 100 Days” on August 10 in Fargo, North Dakota, and will be in District 17 August 28 - September 6. Craig will be playing at bridge clubs in Colorado (Colorado Springs and Aspen), New Mexico (Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and Albuquerque), Arizona (Sedona, Scottsdale, and Prescott) and in Henderson, Nevada. I’m sure all the clubs are as eagerly looking forward to Craig’s visit as we in Colorado Springs are. He’s scheduled to finish his western trek September 21 in Sandpoint, Idaho, traveling over 6500 miles total.

A reminder: Please send me your nominations for the ACBL Aileen Osofsfy Goodwill Committee and the National Charity Committee. or phone 719 593-0205.