Bon’s Mots November 2015

Bon’s Mots
By Bonnie Bagley
National Board Representative

t’s that time of year again – not just good, but best – when I get to announce my selections to the Aileen Osofsky ACBL Goodwill Committee and to the ACBL Charity Committee. While it is such a pleasure to recognize the deserving members of our district, it is also very hard because there are so many outstanding people to be honored.

he four appointments to the 2016 (yes, we appoint a year ahead) Goodwill Committee are from Colorado. The selections are two couples – I could not separate the couples – they both work together as a team. These two couples set an example for us all – this is what bridge is all about.
Flo and Cal Newlin from Denver Unit 361. Flo and Cal have been active for many, many years in the Denver Unit, teaching, mentoring, serving on the Unit Board and serving on the District 17 Board. They were the Intermediate/Newcomer Committee Chairs for the 2005 Denver Fall NABC and now, ten years later, they are so again for the 2015 Denver Fall NABC. Flo and Cal did a fabulous job in 2005 and are determined to do even more this year. Amazingly, they find time to play a LOT of bridge, both of them are Platinum Life Masters - that’s 10,000 points, folks. If all of the above were not enough for their selection, the topper is they are two of the nicest and kindest people ever.
Mary and Rick Olson from Colorado Springs Unit 360. Mary and Rick have not been in Colorado for many years, but when they joined Unit 360 in 2005, they hit the ground running and made up for “lost” time. In the ten years the Olsons have been in Colorado, Rick has served on the U360 Board for six years, two of which were as vice-president and three as president. Mary, in turn, has been and still is caddie chair for U360 tournaments and uses her creative talents to make flyers for tournaments. They are a go-to couple – something needs to be done, call Rick or Mary.

he two appointments to the 2016 Charity Committee are both from Phoenix Unit 354, and both have been selected because of their efforts supporting The Longest Day (TLD), the fund raising event ACBL of which ACBL is an inaugural member.
Ellie Workman helped coordinate the four bridge clubs of the Sun Cities (Sun City Duplicate Bridge, Kiva West Duplicate Bridge Club of Sun City West, Sun City Grand Bridge Club, and the Corte Bella Bridge Club) working together to raise funds for TLD. The campaign started in March with raffles for free games, gift baskets and door prizes, not surprisingly, more money was raised in 2015 then 2014.
Kandi Osborne and the In Tempo Bridge Club made TLD a fun day, which included starting games at 5:00 a.m., auctioning play with A players and stressing TLD was a community event. 2015 was the first year Kandi and In Tempo participated in TLD, but it will not be the last. Kandi is already planning for 2016.
Thank you Flo, Cal, Mary, Rick, Ellie and Kandi! You are what ACBL is about.

Bridge in the News

ridge has been in the news recently, but not for reasons to be celebrated. Boye Brogeland, a top player from Norway, has created a sensation by revealing that one of the world’s top bridge partnerships – a pair from Israel – has been successful due to less then honorable actions. Read the article in Newsweek at and watch this YouTube
Following that revelation, came another about another top ranked pair from Italy. Take a look at to see for yourself.
What is ACBL’s position? Go to for CEO Robert Hartman’s statement. While these disclosures are distressing and disturbing, good things will follow, cheaters will be barred from playing at ACBL events (after the proper procedures are followed), stronger processes will be instituted to find anyone who cheats and, as Robert said, “... the vision of a 100% cheating-free game will be realized.”

Denver NABC

 hope you are all planning to attend the Denver Fall NABC November 26-December 6 at the Downtown Denver Sheraton Hotel – see you there!
Best Wishes to you and your families for a Happy Thanksgiving and joyful, blessed Holidays surrounded by those you love. I appreciate hearing from you – please contact me by email