Bon’s Mots November 2014

Bon’s Mots
By Bonnie Bagley
National Board Representative

The last 2014 District 17 regional in Phoenix has just concluded, and attendance was down from previous years. While D17 regional attendance in 2014 has generally been down or flat, we look forward to increased table counts in 2015 with the Albuquerque, Tucson, and Las Vegas Regionals returning to their more popular dates; Albuquerque in January, Tucson at the end of February, and Las Vegas in June. Year 2015 also brings back the Taos Regional for an encore in September and, of course, the regional calendar includes the always popular April Mesa Senior Regional, May Denver Regional, and October Phoenix Regional.
If that is not enough bridge for you, there is the Denver Fall NABC in November. A jam-packed 2015 bridge calendar!

ACBL Goodwill Committee

It’s that time of year again – one of the best – when I get to announce my selections to the Aileen Osofsky ACBL Goodwill Committee and to the ACBL Charity Committee. It is such a pleasure to recognize the deserving members of our district. Last year my appointments to the Goodwill Committee were all ladies – it’s the men’s turn this year, with one exception:
Barbara Vasilevsky. I gave Barbara her Goodwill pin at the Goodwill Reception during the Las Vegas NABC. It was an honor to surprise and recognize her. Barbara has been a stalwart member of the Las Vegas Unit, serving as a unit board member and the Volunteer Coordinator for the 2008 Las Vegas NABC and, as if that weren’t enough, she did it again for the 2014 Las Vegas NABC and also served as a liaison between me and the unit members. Barbara is an incredible person!
Now, on to the gentlemen; in alphabetical order they are:
John Grossmann from Northern Colorado Unit 363 (formerly from Colorado Springs Unit 360) is a man of many talents and is generous in sharing them. I could write a whole column on John’s contributions, but suffice it to say that he has served more than a decade of commitment to bridge as an active Unit 360 board member and president. He has also been innovative as a former game owner and in education and bridge development. John is currently lending his expertise to the D17 Board as a Colorado at Large representative, D17 vice president, and also the D17 webmaster (itself almost a full time job).
Bill Kass from Albuquerque Unit 374 is a tireless worker who has been both unit president and Albuquerque Regional tournament chairman, with more than a decade of commitment in those capacities. Bill’s ceaseless efforts helped to create and maintain a successful unit and a successful regional, both of which have seen growth under his tutelage. Bill does all this maintaining his bridge playing acumen - he’s fast approaching Platinum Life Master.
Jerry Ranney, last, but certainly not least, is from Colorado Unit 361. Jerry has served on the D17 Board as one of the D17 representatives from Denver since 2008 and has been treasurer since 2011. Before becoming a D17 rep, Jerry served on the Denver Unit Board, and he also has more than a decade of commitment to bridge as well. Jerry has recently taken on another challenge, chairman of the Denver Regional, which although a very successful tournament will only get better with his guidance.
Thank you all for your dedication to bridge.

Charity Committee

It is also with pleasure that I announce the appointment of Ann Parker from Colorado Springs Unit 360 to the ACBL Charity Committee. Ann is a relative newcomer to Colorado and Unit 360 and, without a doubt, her old unit’s loss is our gain. Ann has willingly undertaken anything asked of her. She has chaired the U360 I/N Sectional for the past two years, and been elected to the Unit 360 Board. The major reason for her appointment to the Charity Committee is her success as “The Longest Day” U360 coordinator. Her efforts produced over $6000 each year for the Alzheimer’s Association. Ann organized from dawn-to-dusk bridge games in 2013 and convinced the U360 Board to have a “The Longest Day” Sectional in 2014, when the sectional was being held June 19-22 (June 21 is the longest day). One dollar of each entry went to the Alzheimer’s Association, along with proceeds from raffles and sales of homemade items, goodies, and services. Well done, Ann. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving & Holidays

Best Wishes to you and your families for a Happy Thanksgiving and joyful, blessed Holidays surrounded by those you love. I appreciate hearing from you – please contact me by email at or phone 719 593-0205.