Bon’s Mots November 2013

Bon’s Mots
By Bonnie Bagley
National Board Representative

The last 2013 D17 regional at Tucson just concluded, attendance was 1308 tables. The District 17 North American Pairs finals were held there – congratulations to the winners.

Year 2013 was a good one for D17 regionals. In addition to Tucson, Albuquerque had 1,953 tables, Mesa had 2,323 tables, Denver had 2,226, Las Vegas had 3,913, Colorado Springs had 1,632 ½, and Taos had 1,253.
Wait a minute - did I say Taos? Yes, Taos!
Each ACBL district is allotted four regionals a year ... due to the forward thinking of two of my predecessors we have six. Chris Wilson of Phoenix was on the ACBL Board of Directors from 1977-1989, and was ACBL President in 1985. Chris has the distinction of serving the longest term as ACBL President, because the board changed the duration of the presidency during her tenure. She presided over four NABCs instead of three (ACBL presidents are now elected to a one calendar year term). It’s because of Chris that D17 has the Mesa Senior Regional, which is considered a “special” regional and does not count toward the allotted four.
Bob Wingeard, from Colorado Springs, followed Chris in 1990 and served as District Director until 1999. It was through his efforts that the Las Vegas Regional became an annual regional – a tournament attendance of 3,000 tables for three out of four consecutive years qualifies a district for an additional regional, and again, does not count against a district base allotment.

Taos & the USBF

All right, that brings us to six regionals, but Taos makes seven; how is that? The United States Bridge Federation (USBF) is awarded one regional sanction a year for the purpose of supporting teams representing the United States international competition. The Taos Regional was sanctioned with a USBF sanction.
How did the Taos Bridge Club, located in Taos, New Mexico, home of one of our nation’s most prominent artist colonies, and part of the 110 member Los Alamos Unit 381, produce a very successful tournament? With a lot of dreams, dedication, hard work and perseverance by the Taos Bridge Club.
To start with, Dennis and Patsy Scott, who did the groundwork and arrangements with the convention center and hotels. Dennis came to a D17 board meeting with all the facts and figures showing it could be done. The USBF sanction was requested and granted and, as they say, the rest is history.
Many kudos to the Taos Bridge Club, Dennis & Patsy Scott, Winifred Stebbins, the tournament chair, who worked 24 hours a day and still managed to win a Compact Knockout Teams, Leslie Cronin, hospitality and the tournament’s own personal concierge, as well as caddie chair, Herb and Marcia Warner, registration, and ... the lady of many hats ... Teri Collier, who did the photography and the Daily Bulletins. Congratulations to you all for a job well done. All who attended had a fantastic time and are looking forward to their next tournament in Taos.

Goodwill & Charity Committee Appointments

One of the most satisfying, but most difficult, responsibilities of District Director is appointing members to the Aileen Osofsky ACBL Goodwill Committee, and to the ACBL Charity Committee. Satisfying, because it is a joy to recognize the deserving members of our district; and difficult, because there are so many who deserve recognition.
My appointments for 2014 made it the year of the ladies – not intentional, it just worked out that way. Interestingly, what can be said about any one of these ladies can be said for all. They all love bridge, they all are valuable members who have served their units, their tournaments, our district, and the NABCs which have been held in D17. They all do not hesitate to say, “I’d be happy to do that” – and do it cheerfully, time and again.
Goodwill: My appointments to the Aileen Osofsky Goodwill Committee are: Peggy Craig, El Paso, Texas, Kay Enfield, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Justine Hancock, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Charity: My appointments to the ACBL Charity Committee are Penny Coffman, of Cherry Hills Village, Colorado, and Roberta Epstein, Las Vegas, Nevada. Congratulations.

The Holidays & Phoenix NABC

Soon it will be Thanksgiving, and with the holiday comes the Phoenix NABC, November 28-December 8. Marsha and Darryl Helton, chairs, and their legions of volunteers have pledged to provide the best National ever, and I am sure they will. I hope to see you there. Plus ... December 16-22 you can participate in ACBL’s largest sectional in the comfort of your own club - the Western Conference Holiday Sectional Tournament at Clubs. Plan on a few STAC games in between your Holiday shopping.
Best Wishes to you and your families for a Happy Thanksgiving and joyful, blessed Holidays surrounded by those you love.
I appreciate hearing from you - please contact me by phone at 719 593-0205, or email