May 2017 Bon’s Mots

By Bonnie Bagley
National Board Representative

Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors (BOD) has been making an effort to reduce costs, and to that end lowered the number of days of meetings in Kansas City from three to four and adjusted the schedule of meetings for Toronto to save ACBL two days of per diem and two hotel nights for each of the 25 BOD members and the Board of Governors (BOG) chairman, a significant savings. Under the direction of Bob Heller, 2017 ACBL President, time was provided for strategic planning and team building, with the goal of becoming a more effective, less motion-driven board.

Elections & Appointments

Claire Jones of Regina, Saskatchewan, D18 (Western Canada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah), was reelected ACBL Treasurer for a one year term beginning May 1, 2017.
Paul Cuneo, D16 (most of Texas and Mexico), was elected as ACBL 401K Trustee for a one year term ending December 31, 2018.
Committee appointments made by the ACBL President and ratified by the BOD:
• 2017 NABC Seeding Chairman: David Berkowitz
• Competitions & Conventions Committee: Chris Compton, Will Ehlers, Jeff Ford, Jeff Goldsmith, and Danny Sprung (D17)
• Disciplinary Committee: Lisa Berkowitz, Michael Huston, Nagy Kamel, and Tom Peters
• Ethical Oversight Committee: Cheri Bjerkan, Dennis Clerkin, John Fout, Bob Glasson, and Kevin Wilson
• Hall of Fame Committee: Neil Chambers, Mitch Dunitz, and Paul Lewis (D17)
• Laws Commission: Allan Falk, Rebecca Rogers (D17), and Aaron Silverstein

Kansas City Motions

Two related motions from the BOG were defeated. The first was to hold the Fall BOD meetings at ACBL headquarters instead of at the Fall NABC, and the second, contingent on the defeat of the first, was to specifically hold the 2018 Fall BOD meeting at ACBL Headquarters instead of at the 2018 Fall NABC in Hawaii. These were presented as cost savings motions, but it was unclear how much in savings would actually have been realized. BOD expenses are less than 1.5% of the ACBL budget, which is not unreasonable.
There seems to be a perception of a small vocal minority that BOD meetings at NABCs are boondoggles for the BOD, but this could not be further from the truth. Most of the BOD have meetings well into the NABC, while we are on our own nickel. We are all volunteers and participate willingly. As an NABC Co-chair before I was on the BOD, I was delighted to have the BOD members – whom I considered to be ambassadors of bridge – at my tournament; I would have been disappointed had the BOD not been there.

Other Board Motions

The BOG asked us again to reconsider the motion that ACBL provide $200 to 3rd place finishing pairs and $100 for 4th place finishing pairs who participate at the National NAP Finals, and again it failed; the vote was 13 against, 11 for, and one abstention.
The BOG also asked the BOD to rescind the motion that or teams events held at an NABC in which all team entrants receive full overall masterpoint awards, the entry shall be charged on a per person basis. This also was defeated. I voted against the motion. I feel that if one receives full masterpoints, one should pay the full price.
We did pass some motions, mostly cleaning up the ACBL Codification, the codified minutes which contain the regulations of the ACBL Board of Directors currently in effect. A motion that passed established new voting procedures for Hall of Fame elections. Several motions were deferred to the Spring NABC meetings at the July Toronto Summer NABC. I will discuss those in my July column.

Contact Me

Go to for the complete minutes. Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to email me at, or call me at 719 593-0205. I look forward to seeing you at the Rocky Mountain Regional in Denver, May 23-29, and the Las Vegas Regional, June 19-25.