May 2014 Bon’s Mots

By Bonnie Bagley
National Board Representative

The first ACBL board meeting of the year was held in March at the Dallas North American Bridge Championships (NABC). A big Texas-size howdy was experienced in the warm hospitality provided by the Dallas Bridge Association and District 16. While the table count of 9,891 did not quite reach the 10,318 of the 2006 Dallas NABC, the tournament was successful in many ways, especially for several D17 players. The second 10K Swiss Teams drew 66 teams, down from the 81 teams at the 2013 St. Louis NABC. The inaugural 10K Knockout Teams (Mini-Vanderbilt) drew a disappointing 20 teams, but was exciting for D17 (see the Dallas NABC article elsewhere on this page of ScoreCard).
I encourage you to participate in these events - put the 10K Pairs and the 10K Mixed Swiss Teams on your calendars for the 2014 Summer Las Vegas NABC!

CEO Report

Robert Hartman, ACBL CEO, reported to the board that ACBL membership at the end of February was 167,763, an increase of 883 since February 2013, but that through the end of February regional table count is down 8%, sectional table count is down 9%, and STAC table count is down 25% (there were three fewer STACs thus far). Bad weather is considered a factor in these decreases. Club table count decreased 2.65% in January, 2014 versus January, 2013; again, bad weather considered to be a primary factor. The newly redesigned ACBL website is now available for prerelease viewing - go to the ACBL website (, scroll down, and click on ‘Exclusive Sneak Preview” to see it. The online Learn to Play Bridge program is expected to be available for prerelease viewing in April. The ACBLscore+ program has fallen behind schedule, and it is unclear when it will be available.

The January Grass Roots Funds Games raised $158,849 for the districts. D17 will receive $5,002. We might have done better; we are the third largest district by membership, but we were ninth in the amount of funds raised. These monies go to support our district’s NAP and GNT. Let’s do better next year.

Election and Appointments

Rand Pinsky, D23 (Los Angeles), was reelected ACBL Treasurer for a one year term starting May 1. The Spring meeting is where committee appointments are made by the ACBL President and approved by the board. These committees are: Hall of Fame, Competition & Conventions, Ethical Oversight, Disciplinary, and Laws Commission. Paul Lewis, Las Vegas, was appointed to the Hall of Fame Committee for a three year term beginning at the end of the 2014 Spring NABC. Robb Gordon, Sedona, Arizona, was reappointed to the Laws Commission for a five year term beginning at the end of the 2014 Spring NABC. Becky Rogers, Las Vegas, is also on the Laws Commission.

Dallas Board Motions

The board approved, on a trial basis, the NABC Strategic Committee’s proposed play schedules for the three NABCs. These schedules will be implemented in 2015. Some of the changes are: moving the Fast Pairs, currently played in the Summer, to the Spring NABC opposite the Jacoby Swiss Teams on the last weekend; moving the NAP Flights B & C from the last weekend of the Spring to the first Sunday & Monday; moving the four-session Roth Swiss Teams to the Fall from Summer, and moving the six-session North American Swiss Teams to the Summer from the Fall. Three events will be added to the schedule for the 2015 Fall NABC, pending approval of the ACBL Board at the Summer meeting: 10K IMP Pairs the first Monday and Tuesday,10K Fast Pairs the last weekend, and Mixed Swiss Teams. The board passed the “Roles and Responsibilities of Tournament Sponsors and DICs,” guidelines for determining which responsibilities rest with the sponsoring organization, which are at the option of the director in charge, and which are shared. Also passed was a motion that the General Conditions of Contest for Swiss Teams be modified so that pairings for the first match will be entirely random draw, or random draw within strata, and that for each subsequent match, pairings will be assigned such that: a) no two teams shall meet twice in the event, and b) each team shall meet a team whose current record is as close to its own as feasible. To see the entire minutes of the board meeting, go to

Want to know more?

Please do not hesitate to contact me at 719 593-0205, or email
See you all at the Rocky Mountain Regional in Denver May 20-26, and at the Las Vegas Summer NABC July 17-27.