March 2013 Bon’s Mots

By Bonnie Bagley
National Board Representative

Darwin Afdahl, District 17 Board Representative from Tucson, was elected D17 President at the January meeting at the Albuquerque Regional. Darwin, a board member since 2010, brings a  wealth of experience with him. Before moving to Arizona, he was president of Unit 146 (Chesapeake, Norfolk & Virginia Beach, Virginia), president of District 6 (Virginia, Washington, D.C., and most of Maryland), and president of the Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference (D6 and D7). Darwin’s experience is not only in bridge governance but also in being a joint owner of a bridge club, and teaching bridge on land and sea. The D17 Board  looks forward to Darwin’s leadership. Many thanks to Carolyn Newcomb for her ten years on the D17 board, and her two years as president.

Grass Roots Task Force

Last year I was a member of the ACBL Grass Roots Task Force Committee which has worked diligently to bring more recognition and funding to the Grand National Teams (GNT) and the North American Pairs (NAP). I am thrilled to report that more than $78,000 was raised in the December Grass Roots Fund Games. More than $3,000 was raised in D17, which goes to D17 for our Grass Roots events. Many thanks to all the clubs which held these games. The D17 Board voted to use the extra revenue to give $200 to the third place finishers in each of the three NAP Flights, upon their participation at the National Finals (currently ACBL gives the first place winners $700, second place $300, and third place may participate but receives no stipend). D17 will also pay the entry fees for their GNT teams at the National Finals, as well as increasing the team subsidies from $1,600 to $1,850.

To further encourage participation in these events, the D17 Board approved waiving the entry fees for NAP C Flight players and GNT Flight C teams at the district finals. Make your plans now to participate in the D17 GNT Finals at the June Las Vegas Regional, and the D17 NAP Finals at the October Tucson Regional.


Another D17 Board accomplishment was approval (with funding provided by D17) of BridgeResults for our regionals. BridgeResults is a web interface, developed by Philippe Lamoise of Solana Beach, California, built on top of the ACBLmerge program from Matthew Kidd to allow clubs and tournaments to have a calendar of events, and to publish online results using simple administrative tools. BridgeResults offers a great results page with hand records, double dummy analysis, individual recaps, photos of players, and field strength information. You can register at BridgeResults, and provide an email address; you will be notified when results are published (ideally, this will be within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the game). You could therefore leave the game, go to dinner and view the results on your smartphone, instead of waiting at the game site. This involves Internet access in the playing area and knowledge of the process by the directors.

Bill Michael, a DIC from Colorado, is very proficient with BridgeResults, which is now used at all Denver and Las Vegas sectionals, and will be added to the Colorado Springs sectionals.

It is my hope that all D17 tournaments will provide their players BridgeResults. Contact your D17 representative or Philippe at admin@bridgeresults.netfor more information or about D17 group discount. Go to for an introduction to BridgeResults by Matthew Kidd, and go to to view the BridgeResults website.

Power Ratings

Speaking of advancing technology, Chris Champion, of Colorado Springs, a D17 player, has developed “Power Ratings.” What is Power Ratings? It’s a rating system based on a bridge player’s ability today. To quote Chris:
“When I bowled, no one ever asked me what the total number of pins I had knocked down was, but a lot of bowlers wanted to know what my average was. Masterpoints is the total numbers of pins. Power Ratings is the bowling average.”
This is a fascinating new concept, and Chris has spent many years developing and perfecting his system. Go to his Power Ratings
Take a look at the wealth of information there. The game files of all NABCs, most regionals, most sectionals and STAC gamesare used for the charts and reports found there. Chris’s goal is to have all ACBL sanctioned games included, but many directors find the procedure difficult. ACBLScore+ could include a modification that would do the backup needed for Power Ratings from the club owners’ monthly masterpoint reports. For more information about Power Ratings contact Chris at


Make your plans now to attend the St. Louis Spring NABC March 14-24. Good luck to the D17 NAP players. See you there! Don’t forget D17’s next regional, the Mesa Roadrunner Senior, returning to the Mesa Convention Center, April 1-7.

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