From Mac Busby, a D22 member in response to Ken Monzingo’s District Direction

April 27, 2011


I applaud your stand on trying to stem so much money going out to support so few. I bet you take heat for your position at the Board level, but I certainly support you. I faced down something similar when I was on the Board of a huge running club in Milwaukee. We were sending a few elite racers all over the country on the member's dime. When I suggested that it be stopped, you would have thought I put a turd in punchbowl, but within 6 months I prevailed. Our ACBL dues need to come back to all of us in services. If they have extra money burning a hole in someone's pocket why not double or triple the money given to GNT qualifiers to travel to the Nationals. This could bring more interest and competition at the district level.

Those in "Memphis" should be careful to not become fat cats or too elitist. Many an organization has suffered mightily as their members learned of these symptoms. United Way, Red Cross, Sierra Club and Public Broadcasting have all learned painful and expensive lessons.