From David Ingraham, a D22 member in response to Ken Monzingo's District Direction

April 27, 2011


 I am not an unhappy bridge player (well sometimes I am, but let's not let bitching at my wife become the topic of this e-mail). However, I have long suspected that a significant portion of the ACBL heirarchy is interested primarily in the accomplishments of a small group of professional players of "international" caliber. One only needs to read the monthly ACBL magazine to see that half of its coverage is devoted to the results of games which are so far beyond the comprehension of the majority of ACBL members as to rival the understanding of coverage of the Fischer-Spassky chess championships by those whose chess knowledge was limited to the ways in which the pieces could move. At this point I would gladly vote to support your motion, but I doubt that the ACBL heirarchy cares about my vote any more than they cared about your motion.

 So I will just continue to play once or twice a week with my wife in local events. We love the game - its challenge and its source of continuing enjoyment despite its frustrations. Our greatest accomplishment to date was finishing first NS in last Friday's Regional Afternoon Side Game, just ahead of a fine gentleman and a very dedicated Board Representative!

 Best wishes and keep up the good fight,

 Dave Ingraham