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here is a hastily written opinion

My opinions regarding usbf and wbf.

 Americans who join the ACBL should be given the option to join their national bridge federation, the USBF. Instead, every ACBL member is currently made a USBF member like it or not.

The exorbitant fees that the US contributes to the WBF is out of proportion to what others pay and to any benefits.  Other similar organizations, for example Chess or badminton or table tennis do not have skewed membership fees.  Typically, such organizations get revenues from fees at competitions and advertising, with only modest amounts coming from  country membership fees.
The current structure may make sense to the WBF, but it doesn't to the US (or France or the Netherlands)  Support for our international teams should come from other sources, such as International Fund Games, with perhaps some support for Junior games.  It appears that the current structure is a "slush fund" for the WBF.

The costs to the US for the recent Philadelphia event seems out of proportion to the benefits to our membership.

Just my personal opinion,
Jon Wright
President District 22