Letters from Distrct 9

Dear Shirley Seals,

Thank you for bringing to light in the July/August issue of ‘Sunshine Bridge News’ that all ACBL members, through the general fund of the ACBL, fund the annual payment by the ACBL to the World Bridge Federation, which in 2010 amounted to $225,000; while only professionals and expert players (0.18% of the total ACBL membership) receive any benefit – to compete in international play.  I salute you for making a motion at the recent NABC board meeting to minimize this cost  to the remaining 99.82% of the ACBL membership that don’t care to compete internationally. That this motion failed 21 – 4 is unbelievable, as is extent of the expenditure itself. That 21 of your board members voted against this motion displays an elitism that I suspect permeates the board in not only this but other matters, and which leads me to question why I should continue to be a member.

I would find it helpful, if you forward this email to all your fellow board members, if not to all ACBL members.

Respectfully yours,
Dick Burns Q203806


Your article in the July/August, 2011 “Sunshine Bridge News” was interesting and disturbing.  I find it hard to believe that you were in the minority who voted against funneling money to the USBF. Were the other members sleeping or absent during this vote?  You are so right that this is such a waste and I appreciate your concern and looking out for the members benefit!

Bunny George
Unit 128

Shirley--I agree with your article in the July/August District 9 magazine. I hope the Board will reconsider your motion to pay the World Bridge Federation dues from the "International Fund games". The $165,000 can be better spent promoting bridge activities. With the Baby Boomers (including myself) just entering retirement age, there are opportunities to encourage this generation to learn to play duplicate bridge.

Thank you for making your motion. I hope that this issue will change to a better result at the Toronto NABC board meetings.

Jeffrey Ledewitz
Daytona Beach Shores

I have read your column a couple of times before responding. But before I do, I need to give you a little background so you have a better idea of why I feel like I do.
I am a senior who started playing duplicate in 1991 about once a week. I am now playing twice a week and in the past 15 years I have entered into one tournament.  I do not travel out of town to any tournaments as a result I will probably never become a life master as I will not get the gold needed. With this background, I am not in favor of ACBL paying $165,000 a year to an organization that has less than %1 of our membership being members. Why not spend that money expanding education programs for juniors and build up future bridge players.
Now, a questions about me. I am 80+ and as mentioned not a life master(and probably never will be) so why should I continue to being a member to ACBL?  I can still play in the clubs to get the challenge I enjoy and not get the master points I don't need. The only advantage is ACBL will not list me when I die. Big deal, I won't get to read it.

Bob Flaxman (7893140) if you care to check my results.