Dear Shirley Seals,

Thank you for bringing to light in the July/August issue of ‘Sunshine Bridge News’ that all ACBL members, through the general fund of the ACBL, fund the annual payment by the ACBL to the World Bridge Federation, which in 2010 amounted to $225,000; while only professionals and expert players (0.18% of the total ACBL membership) receive any benefit – to compete in international play.  I salute you for making a motion at the recent NABC board meeting to minimize this cost  to the remaining 99.82% of the ACBL membership that don’t care to compete internationally.  That this motion failed 21 – 4 is unbelievable, as is extent of the expenditure itself.  That 21 of your board members voted against this motion displays an elitism that I suspect permeates the board in not only this but other matters, and which leads me to question why I should continue to be a member.

I would find it helpful, if you forward this email to all your fellow board members, if not to all ACBL members.

Respectfully yours,
Dick Burns Q203806