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Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 9:55 PM
Subject: Re: Response to May editorial in District 22 Contract Bridge Forum

Dear Ken,

You have certainly caused the elephant in the room to snort!
I have spent some time this evening looking at the websites of the USBF and WBF -- it is a whole other dimension.
I noticed the USBF financial for 2011 are not posted online -- it certainly would be beneficial to those of us interested in where their money is spent!

You have stated ...
I was defeated 21-4 by a board consisting of four members currently sitting on the WBF board, the president of the USBF, her assistant, the executive vice president of WBF, plus at least three new candidates vying for WBF perks. Also, one ex-WBF member seeking to get back on, and three board members running for 2012 ACBL president, all needing majority votes.For my own information -- why are these individuals reviewing and voting on any issue regarding USFB and/or WBF shouldn't these board members be recusing themselves due to a conflict of interest?

Definitely a can of worms.

Love you,

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