Marvin French
May 23, 2012

I have overlooked the fact that Canadians probably pay the same $37
membership fee as Americans, assuming they don't opt for the CBF.
While that makes it seem logical for the ACBL to pay the WBF
membership fee for them along with Americans, it is not correct. As
you know, the ACBL is only obligated to pay for Canadian CBF
members, not Canadian ACBL members. They could have saved some money there.

I think this is just stupidity, nothing nefarious. Some bean counter
didn't know that Amercian and Canadian ACBL members are treated
differently. The CBF doesn't have a two-tier membership as the USBF
does, and the only members are those who pay for the privilege.

Americans get into the USBF by simply joining the ACBL, while
Canadians must pay extra to get into the CBF. To be logical, the
Canadians should adopt the two-tier membership idea for the CBF.
Automatic low-level non-voting CBF membership for ACBL members,
with "special" CBF membership an option requiring an extra fee.Then
CBF membership numbers at the WBF website would be correct, and it
would be logical for the ACBL to pay their WBF dues.

As to the USBF, I am wondering if federal law regarding non-profits
permits the denial of a vote to some members. Quote from article by
Charles H. Steen and Michael B. Hopkins:
"For a non-profit organization to have associative standing to
represent its members, those members must have voting control of the
corporation's board of directors. In this way, non-profits are made
accountable to the members and, therefore, actually represent the
members. Without this accountability requirement, non-profit
organizations lack the "grass roots" quality at the heart of
associational standing."

However, the law is pretty vague about this. An article in the
Southeastern Evironmental Law Journal says:
"A review of these [court] decisions taken together indicates that
courts generally require some level of influence over the advocacy
decisions of the organization by standing members, but that actual
voting control may not be necessary."

Sounds like the ACBL Board of Governors, who have advisory powers
but no vote in the BoD. However, we peon members of the USBF have no
influence whatsoever over USBF decisions.