From: Frank Queen []
Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2011 4:06 PM
To: Ken Monzingo;

Bonnie Bagley, National Board Representative
Ken Monzingo, National Board representative

I begin with a note of admiration and appreciation to Ken for having a D22 Forum which allows dissent.
I spoke to Jay Baum in Ruidoso over a decade ago. At that time, I stated that the founding fathers of our great game were ingenious to set up ACBL, have people pay to play, plus expenses, and in return receive nothing of material value for winning. Of course, in the early days, entry fees were small, and travel expenses tolerable, commensurate with the times. Much has changed and the time has come for the master point award, as the only reward for winning, in dire need of revision.
I spent thirty three years teaching. I had no problem creating interest in my students for playing bridge. The catch came when they asked me what we won and I said “masterpoints”. That did not bother them until they asked “What do you get for masterpoints?”
When I gave that answer, you could see the glaze over in their eyes and the loss of interest.
The selling of masterpoints and related inflation of them has not yet come home to roost, but it is only a matter of time. While interest in our game is quite good, now is the time to make change rather than when the ship is sinking. 
In my opinion, the money going to WBF would be far better going toward a reward program for our players. At this juncture, it should be open for discussion as to how to go about it, but even banks and credit agencies give you points which are redeemable.
Most of us who are competitive would prefer a number of masterpoints being used for cash rewards or products; but perhaps some program rewarding simply playing could also be used. I leave that to the new ingenuity of the ACBL leaders who currently make policy.
Bonnie mentioned that one of the things that turned her onto bridge was getting to represent District 17 at an NABC I would point out there was a monetary reward for her going to that tournament.
Ken: you are on the right path, and I sincerely hope you and others continue down that road.


Frank Queen

Past President
District 17