From: []
Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2011 3:22 PM
Subject: Proposal to waive entry fees for GNT district champions at summer NABC

Hi Sharon,

I would like you to put forth the following proposal at the NABC board meeting:

The ACBL will waive all entry fees for the NABC final GNT events.

1.  This is the exact language in the NAP conditions of contest.
2.  There is no logical reason to treat the GNTs as a bastard child.
3.  NAP club qualifying revenues have continued to climb in the last few years.  It's expense obligation is in the $156,000 range.

2005/6 Revenue $193,781.00 Expenses $181,508.00 Net Revenue $12,273.00
2006/7 Revenue $195,227.00 Expenses $179,231.00 Net Revenue $15,996.00
2007/8 Revenue $197,224.00 Expenses $166,822.86 Net Revenue $30,402.00
2008/9 Revenue $197,224.00 Expenses $158,578.00 Net Revenue $38,646.00
2009/10 Revenue $220,592.00 Expenses $156,683.00 Net Revenue $63,909.00


The daily team entry total for each GNT bracket is 25, 16, 8, 4 & 2  =55 x $160 = $8,800 x 4 brackets  = $35,200.  This expense
could easily be covered from the net revenue from the other grass roots competition that supports it's champions to the tune
of over $150,000 annually.

4.  The ACBL does nothing to support the Grand National team competition,  leaving it up to each district to provide/or not provide
assistance to their district GNT champions.  Waiving the entry fees at the summer NABC is a small gesture of support
for the event.

5.  If we can support international play with hundreds of thousands of dollars, including 3% of our life master service fees,
for just a few elite players, we can certainly afford to waive the entry fees for an event that directly serves and benefits
all of us.

As the D14 GNT coordinator who recently won a trip to Louisville in the NAPs,  I strongly believe that if you can win
a trip in your district's NAP competition, you should not have to pay for a trip if you win your district's GNT competition.

I've shamelessly cc'd other ACBL board members who've expressed concerns about the Louisville decision re. the use
of ACBL general fund dollars, my membership fees, to support international competition when we already generate
hundreds of thousand of dollars annually via NABC+ contributions, & International and Junior fund events.

Let me know if you need more documentation, or anything else to further this proposal.

Michael Cassel, N895332
D14 GNT coordinator